A constellation-themed series of facts


Birds droppings are white because they do not produce urine. They instead produce uric acid which is excreted along with the feces in the form of a white paste.


Rats are able to develop an understanding of spoken human languages. If you ever need to get rid of rats from your home, do not announce that you will be hunting them. They know.


When a human is expressing a sincere emotion, their facial expression tends to be more symmetrical - muscles from both sides of the face are engaged.


Lizards, and other animals which lay eggs, are born with a temporary tooth known as an "eggtooth" which is used to break through the shell of the egg.


The male platypus secretes venom from the spurs on its hind legs. Although platypus venom is not lethal to humans, the intense pain it induces may incapacitate the victim.


Some monkeys have swollen, red and calloused asses. In female monkeys, their asses redden and swell when they are fertile so that they mey attract mates.


Starfish do not have brains nor do they have blood - seawater is used as their circulatory system. Although they cannot plan their actions, they have a nervous system.


This creature, which seems to mysteriously resemble a charmander, dies if the fire in its tail goes out. When it rains, its tail produces steam.

This collection of images and facts was produced by a credited cactus farmer.